EAN code: 7393487087101

Powerful 35 tons crimp head with Elpress DUAL-system

  • Crimps aluminium and copper up to 1000 mm²
  • DUAL crimp dies for crimping of copper 240-400 mm²
  • Crimp die for crimping of copper 400-1000 mm²
  • Matrix and punch for crimping of aluminium 300-1000 mm²
  • Delivered fixed on a solid foot with a handle
  • The head is used together with the electrically driven pump PS710 (the battery powered version, PS710E, is also available)
Area mm² Al mm² CU KRF/KSF mm² C sleeves mm² Solid AlArea mm² Gross weight kg L x W x H mm Crimping geometry
400-1000 300-1000 400-1000 95-300 16-300 21 356x150x210 dual, hexagonal, oval, punch