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From development to finished product
All the products you buy from us are manufactured to very high quality demands, and the production is mainly centred on our own plant in Kramfors, Sweden.
Investments in new technology and machinery makes us efficient, flexible and fast. This means that we can live up to your delivery expectations in respect of both standard products and special adaptations, as well as new innovations.

Terminals and tools
We have a very wide product range for electrical connectors, such as terminals and through connectors for different applications and in different sizes. These products, ranging from 
0.1-1200 mm², are designed and tested so that they meet current standards, such as 
IEC 61238-1.

System Elpress - Certification
In order to achieve a secure connection we offer certified solutions of the combination cable, terminal and tool. This is so that you as customer can feel secure when you use our system and be sure that a safe connection will be made when our products are used correctly.
Click here for digital catalogue about SYSTEM ELPRESS.
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