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Calibration of PV1300.
Calibration / certification
Calibration/certification of tools covers:
• Inspection, functional testing and cleaning.
• Safety checks in accordance with the agreement declaration.
• Measurements where required, of dimensions, surfaces, etc.
• Final checks in accordance with the final inspection requirements.

Inspection and certification take place in accordance with the applicable Elpress inspection instructions for the respective tools, and in accordance with ISO 9001. After approval, the inspection and certification certificate is issued. All inspected tools have a signed validity label applied.
The jaws are colour-coded and have figures which show the latest month when they will be due for inspection and calibration. Other markings may be applied if specially desired by the customer.
Tools which are no longer fit for use and cannot be inspected and certified are repaired, after consultation with the customer.

Correct time intervals
This service must not be confused with Preventive maintenance agreements. The difference is that although the inspections are carried out in the same way, in respect of calibration it is up to you as the customer to ensure that tools are calibrated at the correct time intervals.

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