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Preventive maintenance agreements secure the quality of your connection
- Planned and preventive maintenance guarantees better performance for your equipment. 
Regular service intervals minimise the risk of unforeseen stoppages by indicating any safety or functional defects and by recommending measures to avoid such problems.
Regular service intervals are normally implemented every 12 months at a fixed price.
The price is based on the service level solution and tool equipment.
A certificate is issued after the equipment has complied with calibration requirements.

Elpress service agreements are arranged per product, tool and service level: 
• Elpress Basic: Preventive maintenance, calibration with certification
• Elpress Advance: Includes Elpress Basic + corrective maintenance

Elpress Basic: Calibration with certification
This forms the basis of a service agreement and includes the following points:
- General inspection of the tool
- Safety aspects in accordance with declaration of conformity
(Compliance with Machine Safety Directive, Low Voltage Directive, EMC Directive)
- Function test
- Checking of accessories, e.g. crimp dies etc.
- Issue of Certificate
The inspection follows Elpress final inspection and acceptance inspection requirements.

Elpress Advance:  Elpress Basic + corrective maintenance
Includes the above Calibration/certification and wear & tear repairs at a fixed price.

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