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 ·Utility and installation personnel
 ·Transformer manufacturers
 ·Traction / Train manufacturers
 ·Wind Power manufacturers

Knowledge provides quality
Your educated personnel ensures the final quality of products and services. Our Academy certificate is a quality document
between you and your customer.

Who and how do we educate?
Each training has two levels: a basic education for all staff, and a training targeted at designers, supervisors and quality controllers. 
We offer company-tailored training including both theoretical and practical aspects, and where possible the training can be carried out in the field. We provide the instructors and training material.
We focus on the following four areas:
Utility sector and installers
Transformer manufacturers
Traction/Train manufacturers
Wind Power manufacturers

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Liselotte Hellgren Wågström, Area Manager Academy
Tel. +46 612 71 71 57, +46 612 71 71 99

Elpress AB · Industriv?gen 15 · Box 186 · 872 24 Kramfors, Sverige · Tel +46-612-71 71 00 ·