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Tested products provide secure connections

System Elpress symbolizes our cornerstones – safety and quality. In order to achieve a secure connection we offer certified solutions of the combination cable, terminal and tool. For the installation to be accurate, the installer should undergo training in crimping technology at Elpress Academy. For non-standard solutions you can consult us and let our own production and laboratory verify your solution. A preventive service maintenance of the tool is the base for the system to work.

CertificationConsulting, Academy and Service are System Elpress
 - your secure Connection!

We manufacture tested systems for electrical connectors and their tools.
You get a secure connection.
We have the necessary resources for you to maintain the highest quality.
Your educated personnel ensures the final quality of products and services. Our Academy certificate is a quality document between you and you customer.
Preventive maintenance agreements secure the quality of you connection.

Click here for digital catalogue of SYSTEM ELPRESS.
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